The sky above the port     Over Saturn's Limb.   (Property of the Wallace Arts Trust 2014)   Peering through a sharp telescope and seeing the form of Saturn was the impetus for a series of portraits.  Being one of the stranger heavenly bodies, Saturn is shrouded in unanswered phenomena and mythic elegance; a supposedly weightless planet, an unexplained hexagonal storm, a liquid ocean, strong seasonal tilts, disappearing rings.  In rare NASA documented images, a meek Earth rests over the limb of Saturn, creating an ethereal connectivity. ‘Over Saturn’s Limb’ hangs in the realm between occurrence and aftermath. Objects and characters are suspended in an abyss, connected by the same spatial event described through colour and extraterrestrial light. Rendered strange by the effects of an unknown happening, they lilt in a ritualistic scene, taking on multitudinous forms.  The environment is transformed before us, a re-imagining. A stage of science fiction; terrestrial beings affected extraterrestrial.